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Waiting for Lefty 


Doc Benjamin


It would be kind of weird writing about myself in the 3rd person, So I will open my head and use my own voice. Think of this as a voice over while looking at my picture.  

Who am I? I’m a Hollywood Actor that never made the big time...


A guy who’s in his 30’s still waiting for his life to be a sitcom. I fear of becoming a stereotype...avoiding "the Fall back plan" of becoming a real estate agent or a private trainer. A 30 some dad living in a suburban home in Santa Clarita with my wife and son and daughter, just a white guy mowing my lawn and changing dippers and flipping burgers on the grill. I dreamed of the day of opening a show on Broadway now I’m doing children's theatre in the valley. I sit on the fringes of Hollywood and Silverlake and wonder if i can still make it has a hipster and trade off between a mustache or beard. My life now resembles a mix of Judd Apatow’s “this is 40”... and Mr.Mom. A wonderlust of Life and adulthood and its growing list of responsibilities awkward moments. In all of this,  it’s amazing that i fall asleep at night. I truly understand the phrase “when you have kid’s of your own.” Deep down and on the surface I am blessed and ecstatic of the way my life is turning out.

When I have my own moments away I take Pictures, It's my way of looking at the world and capturing the moment. I travel. I also Teach.  I am a firm believer of Education in the arts and keeping theatre programs in our schools. 15 years later after dropping out of college I recently went back and finished my Theatre Degree in 2012. With a Love and passion for theatre some days I find it to be more comfortable on a stage in front of 200 people and a little terrifying in front of a camera. But really it's all about the story and doing the work. 

Current Projects

I am writing One hour drama pilot

"Kiss me Goodbye"

Its about ​widowed father trying to get on with his life, raise his 3 children and step back into a career a year after his wife dies. Like all magical relationships she's still hanging on to him in the afterlife or is it a projection of her in his mind. It's about life, love, dealing with grief, growing up and dealing with the past present and taking it day by day.

It's a "Six feet" under meets "this is Us"

Education and Background 

I have been a working actor since 1999. For the last five years I have been a stay at home dad. While I have stayed current with my education, submitting for student and independent projects and going out for EPA Theater auditions, I am lacking recent credits. What I am looking for now is to reignite my career. I know that means commitment, hard work, and starting again to build new credits from the ground up.  
I am dedicated to my craft, and take pride that I have studied with some of the best in the business: Robert Carnegie at Playhouse West, Laura Gardner at Howard Fine, and Daniel Henning at The Blank Theatre Company. More recently I studied with Eddie Kehler at The Actors Studio, took an improv class at UCB and an introductory workshop with Lesley Kahn. Right now I am taking my second round of classes with Shannon Cochran at the Steppenwolf Theatre West.  I also had the honor of being invited to be a working observer at the distinguished The Actors Studio for the past 7 years where I attended sessions under the direction of the late Martin Landau and Mark Rydel, and I have received an invitation to audition for membership. In the fall of 2018 I will be applying for my masters in Theatre Education. 

In this business you are often asked “what is your brand”. As much as I hate that question Ill answer,  I am a bit of Ben Stiller mixed with Paul Rudd with the intensity of a young Andy Garcia. I am the guy thats going to sell the diapers, stand in the middle of the yard with my shirt off with a dad bod watering the lawn.  I can be that criminal in “Law and Order”, the funny teacher on “The Goldbergs” or the neurotic patient on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Then again, I’m a trained actor so I say I can do anything!